Day 5 – Word Curses

Our words are indeed powerful, so powerful that the Bible is full of instructions on how we should choose our words and be conscious of what we speak. Our words have the power to shape how we think about ourselves and others.  When we speak life and blessings, we become […]

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Day Three – Fear

Fear keeps you bound, it keeps you from walking in your purpose, and it is a tool of the enemy that is used to kill your hopes, dreams, and future. When you are young, or just starting something you new, you are often fearless.  You are willing to risk it […]

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Day Two – Submission

Today’s prayer topic is on submission. I’ll admit, I had an issue with submission, coming from a single parent household I saw my mother do it all – she was a one woman show. I inherently picked up that characteristic as a now married woman with two children. Because submission […]

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Do this before setting your next goal!

We all have goals that we want to meet! Some of your goals might be short term goals – you can make them happen in a month to a year. You can also have long-term goals that might take three + years. One of my short-term goals is to save […]

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How An Accountability Partner Can Help You Smash Your 2017 goals!

Let’s face it, we all have a goal or two that we set every year, but somewhere along the journey, the goal becomes less and less of a priority.  With so many distractions, and sometimes life getting in the way, meeting your personal & professional goals can seem nearly impossible […]

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