September 25, 2017

Day 12 – Emotional Strength

If you stay in business long enough, you are going to go through some emotional strain. The emotional stress can be caused by not closing enough clients this month, not selling enough houses, your products are going through a slow period, or that partnership fell through. You prayed and prayed and prayed that things would work out the way you wanted, but for some reason or another, you were left empty-handed. This happens to all of us, as business owners and Christians we are going to experience tough times. We turn to family, friends, associates, anyone that will listen, and most of the time, if they are not a business owner themselves, they just won’t understand. This can lead you to feel isolated, alone, like a failure, frustrated, nervous, and a whole host of feelings. It can even cause you to question whether or not you heard God to start your business, project, ministry, nonprofit, etc.


Sometimes things don’t work out for a variety of reasons, but if you are walking in your divine purpose, living a holy life, submitting to the will of God, everything you need is already working itself out. You just need to call on your father to give you the strength to endure the process. It is in the process that you receive those heavenly downloads, confidence, courage, and the strength to carry out your earthly assignment. I am not here to say that it’s going to be easy because for most of us, including myself it’s hard. But God…. But God… But God is with you through the process; he has never left you, he’s always there. When you feel weary about tomorrow, when you feel like you can’t endure anything else, when you feel like giving up, all you have to do is call on our Father to renew your strength and to give you peace.


Even as I write this, my eyes are filled with tears and joy, as I recall all the moments that I felt like giving up and that God had forgotten me. I am reminded that it was through my pain, my discomfort, my failures, that birthed a mighty warrior for Christ. I am so grateful that God kept me through my most difficult times and gave me the strength to keep going, to keep pushing, even when people, circumstances, and my finances wanted me to abort my purpose before she was born. I understand that every tear, that every failure,  every uncomfortable season, taught me how to survive and to allow God to move on my behalf.


God says that he loves you, sons and daughters, he says that if you are reading this and are in the process of giving up, he wants you to not rely on your own strength, but to cry out to him – he is working it out for you. You may not understand why you are in this season, why you had to go through this, but soon it will all make sense. Your life is not a ball of confusion, even when you made poor decisions for your business, yourself, and for your family – he is going to use that as part of your story. So don’t try to go at this alone, call on his name and allow him to give you the strength, for your weeping is only for a little while, and your joy comes in the morning.


If you have not yet experienced a tough season in your business or your life, remember this prayer, for it will be useful when you need it most.


Father God, I honor you and thank you for creating me in your image. Thank you, father, for being an everlasting God, the creator of all the earth that never grows weak or weary [Isaiah 40:28].


I lift up your name oh Heavenly Father. Lord, I thank you for giving me the strength to do all things through you [Philippians 4:13].


I ask that you give me power and strength where I am weak. Although at times I may become weak, tired, and exhausted, I put my trust in you and know that you will give me a new strength. Help me to soar high on wings like eagles and not grow weary.  Allow me to walk and not faint. [Isaiah 40:29-31].  


Oh Lord, I am crying out for your help, please restore my mental health [Psalm 30].


Father, I need you to show me that you are still with me, show yourself to me, remind me of your unfailing love.


God, thank you for being my refuge and my strength whenever I need and call on you. I command in Jesus name that the spirit of anxiety come out and I demand that the root spirits of burden, false responsibility, fatigue, weariness, nervousness, restlessness, and heaviness leave in the name of Jesus. I forgive those who may have hurt me emotionally, and I repent for any self-inflicted emotional damage that I may have brought upon myself. Lord, I give you all my worries and concerns for I know that you care for me [1 Peter 5:7].


Lord send the Holy Spirit to remind me not to worry, but to pray instead and to tell you all that I need, and to thank you for all that you have done. Give me your peace, oh Lord, and guard my heart and mind as I live in your son Christ Jesus. Fix my mind on what is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, and admirable. Help me to think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. [Philippians 4:6-8]


In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

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