September 22, 2017

Day 10 – Favor

Have you ever heard of the phrase “favor ain’t fair”? I have no idea where people got this phrase from, but we all have access to favor if we ask for it. Favor is part of your generational blessings when you are walking in your God-given purpose. When you are obedient to the will and call of God, you will have favor. I have witnessed the Lord’s favor work in my life and for my family.

When God first gave me the vision for Myavana, I knew it was something that I had to pursue. I didn’t  understand all that I know now, except that the vision was from God. I was immediately obedient and prayed and asked God to show me what I needed to do to bring His vision to life. He led me to contact my partner Candace, who connected us with two other ladies who had a similar idea. Within months after us forming a team we were accepted into a business accelerator program and was given mentors, resources, and an investment of 30K to fund our business. We started Myavana without using any of our own money. I know that was nothing but the favor of God because we didn’t have a product at the time, only an idea that we had yet to prove that it worked.

A more recent display of God’s favor was for my husband. He had been searching for months for a new position that could take care of his family and would free me up to do entrepreneurial and ministry endeavors. He had a passion for analyzing data and found out a few months prior that one of his life purposes was to become a data scientist. He took classes to increase his subject matter knowledge, and applied to several positions but was having trouble landing a position that paid well enough doing what he loved to do.  God placed it on my heart to write this prayer on favor, and I prayed it for him and sent it to him to pray it as well. We were trusting and believing that the Lord’s favor was on him.

The next week Chris had 3 or more interviews lined up for a data science position with three different companies. He ended up landing two offers – one of those offers was at his current job that he didn’t even apply for, and it was more than double his salary! He ended up getting the job he wanted, with the salary he wanted, in the location he wanted – talk about the favor of the Lord! If you are waiting on God’s favor to rain down on you, I encourage you to recite this prayer daily until your favor begins to manifest.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much for your divine favor. Thank you for always working things out for my business on my behalf. Thank you for being a way maker when I needed direction. Father God, you are the glory of my strength, and through your favor, we are strengthened. [Psalm 89:17]

Lord, I repent for any misuse of favor that was previously granted by you. Father God, I come to you today to request that you accept me and restore your righteousness in my life. [Job 33:26]

Lord, I ask that you give me favor with both you and people and a good reputation. [Proverbs 3:4]

Let your favor be upon me, and show me your approval and make all of my work efforts successful. [Psalm 90:17]

Father God, grant me favor in my business as you did for Joshua. Allow no one to stand against me as long as I live and serve you. For just like you were with Joshua and Moses, may you also be with me, for I know that you will never fail me. [Joshua 1:5]

Father God I dedicate my business to you and vow to live an upright and just life, for your word says that you are a sun and a shield and you bestow favor and honor. You do not withhold your favor for those who walk upright. [Psalm 84:11].

I ask that you guide my steps according to who you have called me to be and unlock all favor that was assigned to my divine purpose. For through your divine power, you have granted us all things that pertain to my life and godliness, and through my knowledge of you, as you have called me, you have given me favor so that I may walk in my divine purpose and escape the evil and sinful corruption of the world. [2 Peter 1:3-4]

Lord grant me the favor of Noah, Joseph, Samuel, Joshua, and Moses. In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen.

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